Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Alternate Universe

It seems to me at least
That all motorists around me
Must be from an Alternate Universe
Where Left and Right are Interchangeable
And counting starts from #2
It's certainly not people of this Earth
That could possibly not understand
Why Left turns do not mean right lanes
And Right turns do not mean left lanes
That counting one lane at a time is
A number they are unfamiliar with
The same Alternate Universe Motorists
Think fire lanes are parking spaces
I've never confused a Honda Civic for a Fire Truck
Or a Minivan for an Ambulance
I'm not from an Alternate Universe
They also confuse intersections with parking
By not understanding that a 20' car
Will not fit on a 4" line of white paint
And more than one, still don't fit
Traffic does move in opposite directions to your ego
Alternate Universe Motorists think the road is only in their direction
Have we been invaded?
Signs are conclusive
They certainly are not being read.