Wednesday, September 23, 2009



By John Ross Harvey

First off let’s get this straight
Everything on Earth is Organic
All items on Earth are Animal, Vegetable (plants, fruit incl.), or Mineral
The steel on your car is mineral, created from a rock of Iron ore
The rubber on your tires is from a plant
The gasoline in your vehicle is from long dead animals
(CARS the movie had it right with Dinoco)
The bricks on your house are clay from the riverbanks
The glass in your windows is from sand in a desert or beach
Claiming something isn’t organic is a fallacy
Everything on Earth is organic.
The CN tower 400 years ago may have been rocks and salt somewhere else
Before being repositioned as a 1815ft tall tower.
Everything on Earth is from this earth.
The food your parents ate became you.
Some potato from the Irish famine may now be blog writer.
To be inorganic, it must not be from this world.

So are you?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Proof That Hell is Frozen

By John Ross Harvey

1. What do you hate more, freezing temperature? Or a suntan? Proof 1
2. What do you hate more snow storms? Or rainstorms? Proof 2
3. What is the world’s most incurable disease? A COLD! Proof 3
4. Where is life mostly uninhabitable? Antarctica! Proof 4
5. Which is heavier, a winter boot? Or a running shoe? Proof 5
6. Snowball’s Chance In Hell? Pretty damned good actually. Proof 6
7. Three Forces of Evil: (read the blog) Proof 7

Feel free to deny these observations to prove your inability to grasp reality.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nom de Plume

I've been doing research on how many authors have used
Or do use a Nom de Plume (Pen name for the American's)
Most notables are Steven King as Richard Bachman
And Nora Roberts as J.D. Robb

They already had success though. The other names for
slightly different book genres.

An obvious reason to change a name to pen name
Is that another author already has your name
John Harvey is a crime author with over 30 books, and sells in the millions
John Ross Harvey has only 5 books currently sells in the under 100s

One site I read suggested 2 syllable first name, and 1 syllable last name
kind of like Steven King and J.D. Robb, go figure.

If selling horror fiction, use a K for the last name
To be placed near King and Koontz

Romance authors should sound more female or at least
Less gender specific

Danielle Steele, theres that 2 and 1 syllable combination again

So I narrowed down some choices, from many to just two.

First is names from my jobs and residences during my lifetime
Second is a nearby town and something noone uses anymore
(Though it is a famous actor/director/writer's last name by sound
And a famous sci-fi fantasy novelist exactly)

Here they are:

1. Wentworth Vaughan
2. Markham Wells

Intelligent suggestions are welcome, idiotic ridicule by simpletons are not.

Leaning towards option 1.

This would be for further fiction efforts like crime novels, sci-fi, suspense,
Or any other genre I can write.

With luck it could get a reputable publisher to sign them.
Then it will need Twitter, facebook, email address, webpage,
And all other media visibility to help sales along.