Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Royalties, Pledge, and Charity

Since I make hardly anything on my royalties anyway
I will pledge $1 per all books sold at link in title
In either e-book form or print form
(E-book is faster if the gift is needed immediately)
To Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
Until the end of December
OK so that's only 7 days you say
If lots of you order, I will continue it for January
And I will tell you how much is going to CBCF
At the end of each month.
For less than a movie, do some good.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Traffic Rant

By John Ross Harvey

My name is John
I know how to drive
I’m from Canada
Where most people think
It snows 365 days a year
It’s less actually
More like 165 days
I know what a snowbrush is
How it works
And how to use it
I’ve seen an ice scraper before
I know how that works too
Impaired motorists are not just
Inebriated by alcohol
They are also lazy bums that don’t have a clue
How to operate a snowbrush.
I’ve never parked in a fire lane
Because I possess a brain
Capable of READING!
I’ve never confused my vehicle
With a fire truck
I’m not an ignorant illiterate schmuck!
Green does not mean go
When there is no room on the other side
Of the intersection
Blocking the intersection
Proves a lack of brain function
Green does not mean Go
It means Proceed If and When the Way is Clear
If it’s not CLEAR it’s not When you PROCEED!
I’ve never confused a side street
With a parking space for idiots
Traffic does actually move in opposite directions to your
Maniacal ego!
Escape lanes are for people to ENTER traffic
Not for LOSERS to pass traffic
A lack of geometry skill is proof
A two year old is smarter than you are
They can at least identify shapes
A diamond shaped road sign
Informing you your Rectangular vehicle
Will no longer proceed into a Triangular lane!
I’ve never driven in lanes
Occupied by parked cars
In order to pass people
I’ve never confused a Parked Car
With one that is Actually Moving!
If you do any of these moronic activities
You are NOT a driver!
Only a Moronic Motorist
Thinks they are more important than
The rest of the Universe!
While they pass from behind parked cars
While they park in Fire Lanes
While they enter escape lanes
While they confuse roadways with parking spaces
All in order to prove their geometry skill
Is less than that of a two year old
While never clearing their vehicle
Of IMPAIRING snow and frost
Because they cannot master the SKILL
Of using a Snowbrush or Ice Scraper
Because they’d rather prove their stupidity
By operating a vehicle they
Cannot see out of!
Yet more proof that

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Proper Safety Awareness by Tim Horton's as displayed on thier Holiday Cups

I must congratulate you for the very appropriate image on the holiday (christmas) cups.

You have a father using a snowbrush for teh family van.


Much better than Canadian Tire selling wiper blades to clean snow off your window, or have a man with a snow covered van claiming he needs winter tires to stop faster.

Tim's Cup image is a much more responsible, much more correct and safe preparation for a snowy environment.

Snow Impairs, I think a group should be created to inform the masses that Snow impairs as much as Alcohol, simply by not being proactive enough to use a Snowbrush or an Ice Scraper.
If you cannot see out of it, don't drive it.
Snow Impairment's Not Safe (SINS)

You should be commended for an excellent use of your product to promote road safety.

I'm putting this message on my Blog at

Thank you for being a responsible corporation!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Originally posted Dec. 18 2005 at
and reprinted Feb.7 2006 here

By John Ross Harvey

If you’ve read this blog a few times
You’ll know where its title comes from
Snow covered motorists
The Three Forces of Evil

Mobile Snowbanks
Defroster Dunces and the
Wipers Only Brigade

You should not drive a snowbank
Defroster Lines have limited vision
Wipers don’t clean your car
Snow on rooves annoy motorists behind
Snow on hoods (bonnets) annoy yourself
Due to continuous spray
Snow on windows and mirrors
Prevent visibility
Snow on wiper controls prevent
The ability to wash your windows
Snow on grilles prevent air from
Cooling your overheated engine
Snow on tires and wheel wells
Prevent good traction and accurate steering
Transport trucks, vans, and SUV’s
Must clean rooves
Giant chunks of icy snow from
Rooves of taller vehicles
Is Deadly
And it’s equally so on Cars too

So I ask the question
Do you drive this poorly?
If so, why?
Are you a snow dwelling life form?
With limited need for vision and safety
Or are you just an unsafe driver

The world will be a better place
If these snow dwellers cease to exist.

I have one word for them