Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Improving Gridlock

The only way to improve gridlock

Is education

The only people that cause gridlock

Lack brain function

Traffic moves in more than one direction

Stop using your ego to define

Your lack of geometry skill

If you cannot cross it

Do not block it

If you do not fit

Don't be a twit

Green does not mean go

It means proceed IF and WHEN the way is CLEAR

If its NOT clear it is NOT when you proceed

Politicians don't get this

Only logical people get this

People that never block an intersection

Do not require that education

They have it

The others need it

Go get it

This will solve ALL gridlock

Widening and adding lanes only increases

The idiots who will plug it up

Here's a clue

Side streets are not parking spaces

Off ramps are not parking spaces

Major intersections are not parking spaces

Crosswalks are not parking spaces.

If people would use a brain

They would never block an opposing lane.

Send this to all your politicians promising and end to gridlock

I'm sure they wouldn't understand it

GTHA Transit


Below is a letter I sent to all Three Provincial leaders, the Mayors of Hamilton, Vaughan, and Mississauga, Councillor Doug Ford, (as direct email to his brother the Mayor is not available (web form only))and other transit related individuals.

Only 2 files, 1 powerpoint, 1 xcel chart. Surely this should be less confusing for you to take the time to ponder.

I have incorporated all (I think) of Metrolinx's plans (though they are very poorly described).
I have added my own future concepts, mostly for Vaughan as that is where I reside.

GT-Trains concept was a recent find, scheduling could be its biggest obstacle, but just like the Go train expansion I suggest, all the tracks are there, it is just platforms/stations required. Since exact budgetary info on train stops is nowhere to be found, I consider all new stops as $20,000,000.

For $50 billion or $34 billion or less if budget numbers make any sense, the severe lack of detailed plans and information by Metrolinx is highly disturbing. Most of my information is from Wikipedia and Transit City graphics.

Yes, money can be found from efficiencies. Stop saying it can't. The LCBO just handed the government $1.7 billion of a $4.9 billion profit. It was also stated that current gas tax money to province came in at $2 billion. CAA wants it to fix roads, but it all deserves to go to transit, and not expected to be pulled from our pockets.

Metrolinx tools: tax,tax,tax,tax,tax,levy,surcharge,tax,userfee,tax, tax.

Ontario government budget $127 billion, far more than past government budgets thanks to HST transfer. If $2 billion a year can not be found out of $127 billion a year, they are flat out lying to our face. Over 40,000 employees make over $100,000 a year, to manage people who manage other people who manage more people. WASTE! Fixable waste.

I ran for municipal office for $0. I got over 5000 votes.

It isn't hard to stop spending, if you have a massive $127 billion budget to work from. Find that $2 billion a year, it can be done. Run a tighter ship.

The above letter was sent on June 19 2013, to date, no response from anyone.
I have applied to work for Metrolinx from an ad posted in the NRU newsletter today.


I think $50 billion or more deserves more information.