Thursday, September 09, 2010

Company Drivers Not Motorists

Today I followed a Toronto Hydro vehicle
North up Carlaw past Lakeshore to an alley we use
To travel west to our office
It's a one lane alley for the most part
My work colleague in a Big White Cube Van was
In that alley headed East to Carlaw
The Hydro truck was ahead of me turning for the alley
With a Taxi ahead of him
The Taxi saw the cube van but turned and did find space to let it by
As little as there was
The Hydro truck was completely oblivious to the alley
He only cared if cars were headed south on Carlaw
So he turned directly into path of Cube van
As the van was getting by the Taxi
Narrowly missed a head-on collision by inches
He then proceeded to not look back while he entered live traffic to
Allow the Cube van by
At least three cars were barely missed as he backed up
I am forced to watch as I also want to turn down the alley
In the same direction
Observing the Motorist at the wheel
He had a flipped open cellphone type device
He could have been talking or texting
But he sure as hell wasn't looking forward or backward
I had seen the Cube van from behind him
He had no excuse had he been alert and skilled
But he wasn't alert, he was distracted
He narrowly escaped a serious collision
From little more than dumb luck
Once the Cube van exited the alley
The Hydro truck took to the alley
Ordinarily I would have let the Taxi back
But I needed to record the plate with my mind's eye
By following the Hydro truck (minivan)
Which took two turns, first left, then right
Without signalling
To me and most people with intelligence
That is not driving
That is a motorist of limited skill, distracted by a phone
I recorded the plate with a pen once I was parked at work

When you have a Company Name and Phone number on your vehicle
Never Drive as though you have no idea how
Your bad habits translate to your company's reputation
And it has a negative effect on them
So they pass it on to you
Reprimands, Terminations, Training, whatever course they feel you deserve
This includes being distracted by your phone so you have an
Inability to see a Giant White Cube Van
And Tossing Cigarette Ashes out the window
Why would anyone use your services, or hire your company
When you set a poor example?
They wont!
Smarten Up
Company Vehicles are NOT your vehicle
They represent YOUR employer and THEIR business
If you are inattentive, careless, and/or littering
It relects on THEM
And they deal with YOU