Monday, December 09, 2013

Remembering Nelson Mandela

I find too many people dwell on the past. While fighting against Apartheid, Mandela and the ANC did use violence. Apartheid used it on them as well. It was a highly oppressive regime. When the judge decided Mandela should be jailed, and not hung, he changed history. 27 years he served his sentence. Brian Mulroney helped instigate his release. He had to convince many people. F.W. DeKlerk had to do his part to help end Apartheid. Mandela forgave his captors and brought peace to his nation. He should be remembered for this. That should be his legacy. Not that he was jailed as a terrorist. That was Apartheid's view of his actions. Should we accept that regime's view? I think not. We are lucky enough to have lived in this time to witness this great leader. We are sorrowful for the loss of him as a man. He will continue to inspire leaders in death.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Rob Ford the Angel in a Devil Costume

In 2010 Rob Ford won the election to be Mayor of Toronto with over 40% of the vote. Stop The Gravy Train That's how he got in. He was always frugal. Annual expense claims for council were in several thousands, while he'd spend 48 on stamps. The last time I lived in Toronto, from 1997-2000, he was my councilor. I believe at the time, people complained about the Mayor then And I may have suggested Ford on the radio On CFRB 1010 This may have been 2000 era. Ten years later without living in Toronto, seeing him win as Mayor was not a shock. Obviously since his win And various court actions to remove him None of which have succeeded He has had a growing list of "issues" Being in a Drunken Stupor (often) Being in a Drunken Stupor On Crack (reportedly more than once, admitted only once) Has bought Illegal Drugs (Many have, if Marijuana is still classified as such) Has consumed copious amounts of Alcohol (again many do) Has operated a motor vehicle inebriated (not defending this, but again not alone) Has yelled about killing a guy while inebriated (many have done this, context unknown for him) Has had several meetings/dealings with drug dealers (many do, but not from position of Mayor) I am a very safety conscious, non smoking, non illegal drug user. I am against using a phone in car, while not on blue-tooth. (Ford has admitted this, and been witnessed) I am against operating a vehicle while inebriated. (Ford has admitted this, and been witnessed) The fact remains, that he has never been charged. That fact alone, means his dwindling fan base will continue to support him. Until much of his late admissions, I may have, had I lived in Toronto, but I don't. Who else can stop the Gravy Train? We don't know, but the public wants a guy who can. The public that insists he is it, will ignore all fact, speculation, and late night talk show banter. The majority of people that actually care about the man, and not his failings, want him to seek help. Much of council, which have been thorns in his agenda, are at least sympathetic to his disease. Alcoholism is a disease, and his drug use may stem from it. I'm no expert, so you'd have to ask one. He remains the fiscally responsible Mayor, that failed to fix himself, instead of the City he loves. Now that most of his executive powers are gone, we must rely on his current Deputy Mayor to see the agenda through. Subways, subways, subways. No tax, a small tax, a bigger tax. State of infrastructure sadly demands cash from somewhere, or subways, will be bike paths, and sewers will turn downtown into a lake. He hasn't wasted billions of tax dollars like the Ontario Liberals did, but they will be re-elected, and he won't. Their new leader, unelected as leader at present, still has a higher approval than her competition despite blowing tax money. Rob had the good intentions of an Angel, so save the City from it's own expenses. His activities with the criminal element has put the Devil Costume on, and he will not live it down. Get help Rob. Real help. Diet, Rehab, Fitness, and likely a few Lawyers. You may never be Mayor again, but you can become a man again. Don't kill him off.