Friday, June 26, 2009

A Week of Sorrow

We lost 3 great entertainment icons this week.
Everyone's favourite sidekick Ed McMahon
Every boys first crush Farrah Fawcett
And Every girl's favourite singer Michael Jackson.
The last 2 just hours apart on the same day.
Where did you hear it?
It was on Twitter for me?
Is this how we'll get all of news from now on?
What do you remember of their careers?

Ed was a staple with Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show
Farrah was the reason Charlie's Angels were the #1 TV show in the day
Michael sold more records than anyone else on earth, before or after
100 million alone from Thriller internationally

I want to remember them positively
They did have negative publicity before their deaths
I don't wish to bring that up

Respect the dead
Remember what they did in life that made yours better

Laughs, Love, Music

R.I.P. Ed, Farrah and Michael you are missed.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rim Jim and the Hamilton Blackberries

By John Ross Harvey

So a Phoenix judge, Mr. R.T. Baum decided to not decide.
Jim Balsille still wants to buy the team and move it.
Gary Bettman wants to continue shoeing a dead horse.
Fact: Phoenix is a dead market for hockey
Fact: The team is in crushing debt to many parties
Fiction: Bettman has local people willing to keep team in town.
Fiction: We believe Gary Bettman
Fact: President Obama loves his Blackberry
Fiction: Gary Bettman likes his Blackberry
Fact: Jim Balsille wants a team in Hamilton
Fact: Hamilton will fill the seats
Fact: Toronto will not suffer from a Hamilton team
Fiction: Toronto will suffer from a Hamilton team
Fact: Buffalo is further away than 1 hr
Fiction: Buffalo will suffer from a Hamilton team
Fact: Canadian, and specifically Ontario fans...HATE BUFFALO NOW!
Fact: We don't buy their seats unless its our team crushing them.
Fiction: Ontario hockey fans fill Buffalo arena seats.
Fact: Jim Balsille will keep trying to get a team
Fiction: Gary Bettman will stop him forever.
Fact: Some people are sick of Jim Balsille and his efforts to buy a team
Fact: More people are sick of Gary Bettman not wanting him to.
Fiction: Jim Balsille is stupid.
Fact: Gary Bettman redefines stupid.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


By John Ross Harvey

Seems pretty simple, create something, copyright it.
It’s yours, noone else can have it.
Like the phone.
Bell made it; noone else had it for a long time.
Now, everyone makes phones, mostly cell phones.
Quebec tried to copyright the Question mark.
Yup, you read that right.
They used it for their Information Booths, and
an Independent Store put up a Question Mark.
Obviously a Question Mark is public domain
That’s like saying you’ve copyrighted the number 1
Not possible, practical, or reasonable.
So why is Lindt Sprungli Chocolate trying to copyright
A Chocolate Bunny?
Several if not all Chocolate companies have made
Chocolate Bunnies for years, for Easter.
I’m certain I’ve eaten several of the competitions'
And far less of Lindt’s.
So how can any court reasonably suggest that
Lindt has a copyright on a Chocolate Bunny,
or even a Gold Foil wrapped Bunny.
I ask you. Is that not the most ridiculous copyright claim ever?
I will now copyright every word in this document
to prevent anyone from ever repeating what I just wrote, so noone can ever
write these words ever again.
See how ridiculous that is?
Chocolate Bunnies? What’s Next, the Moon?