Thursday, June 11, 2009


By John Ross Harvey

Seems pretty simple, create something, copyright it.
It’s yours, noone else can have it.
Like the phone.
Bell made it; noone else had it for a long time.
Now, everyone makes phones, mostly cell phones.
Quebec tried to copyright the Question mark.
Yup, you read that right.
They used it for their Information Booths, and
an Independent Store put up a Question Mark.
Obviously a Question Mark is public domain
That’s like saying you’ve copyrighted the number 1
Not possible, practical, or reasonable.
So why is Lindt Sprungli Chocolate trying to copyright
A Chocolate Bunny?
Several if not all Chocolate companies have made
Chocolate Bunnies for years, for Easter.
I’m certain I’ve eaten several of the competitions'
And far less of Lindt’s.
So how can any court reasonably suggest that
Lindt has a copyright on a Chocolate Bunny,
or even a Gold Foil wrapped Bunny.
I ask you. Is that not the most ridiculous copyright claim ever?
I will now copyright every word in this document
to prevent anyone from ever repeating what I just wrote, so noone can ever
write these words ever again.
See how ridiculous that is?
Chocolate Bunnies? What’s Next, the Moon?

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Carmen said...

Donald Trump tried to copyright "You're fired". Don't recall who, but someone's got a copyright on "Happy Birthday"