Monday, December 09, 2013

Remembering Nelson Mandela

I find too many people dwell on the past. While fighting against Apartheid, Mandela and the ANC did use violence. Apartheid used it on them as well. It was a highly oppressive regime. When the judge decided Mandela should be jailed, and not hung, he changed history. 27 years he served his sentence. Brian Mulroney helped instigate his release. He had to convince many people. F.W. DeKlerk had to do his part to help end Apartheid. Mandela forgave his captors and brought peace to his nation. He should be remembered for this. That should be his legacy. Not that he was jailed as a terrorist. That was Apartheid's view of his actions. Should we accept that regime's view? I think not. We are lucky enough to have lived in this time to witness this great leader. We are sorrowful for the loss of him as a man. He will continue to inspire leaders in death.

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