Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Improving Gridlock

The only way to improve gridlock

Is education

The only people that cause gridlock

Lack brain function

Traffic moves in more than one direction

Stop using your ego to define

Your lack of geometry skill

If you cannot cross it

Do not block it

If you do not fit

Don't be a twit

Green does not mean go

It means proceed IF and WHEN the way is CLEAR

If its NOT clear it is NOT when you proceed

Politicians don't get this

Only logical people get this

People that never block an intersection

Do not require that education

They have it

The others need it

Go get it

This will solve ALL gridlock

Widening and adding lanes only increases

The idiots who will plug it up

Here's a clue

Side streets are not parking spaces

Off ramps are not parking spaces

Major intersections are not parking spaces

Crosswalks are not parking spaces.

If people would use a brain

They would never block an opposing lane.

Send this to all your politicians promising and end to gridlock

I'm sure they wouldn't understand it

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