Sunday, December 06, 2009

Proper Safety Awareness by Tim Horton's as displayed on thier Holiday Cups

I must congratulate you for the very appropriate image on the holiday (christmas) cups.

You have a father using a snowbrush for teh family van.


Much better than Canadian Tire selling wiper blades to clean snow off your window, or have a man with a snow covered van claiming he needs winter tires to stop faster.

Tim's Cup image is a much more responsible, much more correct and safe preparation for a snowy environment.

Snow Impairs, I think a group should be created to inform the masses that Snow impairs as much as Alcohol, simply by not being proactive enough to use a Snowbrush or an Ice Scraper.
If you cannot see out of it, don't drive it.
Snow Impairment's Not Safe (SINS)

You should be commended for an excellent use of your product to promote road safety.

I'm putting this message on my Blog at

Thank you for being a responsible corporation!

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