Wednesday, September 23, 2009



By John Ross Harvey

First off let’s get this straight
Everything on Earth is Organic
All items on Earth are Animal, Vegetable (plants, fruit incl.), or Mineral
The steel on your car is mineral, created from a rock of Iron ore
The rubber on your tires is from a plant
The gasoline in your vehicle is from long dead animals
(CARS the movie had it right with Dinoco)
The bricks on your house are clay from the riverbanks
The glass in your windows is from sand in a desert or beach
Claiming something isn’t organic is a fallacy
Everything on Earth is organic.
The CN tower 400 years ago may have been rocks and salt somewhere else
Before being repositioned as a 1815ft tall tower.
Everything on Earth is from this earth.
The food your parents ate became you.
Some potato from the Irish famine may now be blog writer.
To be inorganic, it must not be from this world.

So are you?


WEF said...

Of course I'm organic. Even if I'm an accountant, I've actually been alive.

Minerals aren't generally considered to be organic, as they aren't and never were alive.

John Ross Harvey said...

My point is everything created of this world tends to be classified in this fashion. We may not necessarily eat a rock, but we do ingest iron in meat. We can't all be that guy that ate a bicycle.