Monday, September 21, 2009

Proof That Hell is Frozen

By John Ross Harvey

1. What do you hate more, freezing temperature? Or a suntan? Proof 1
2. What do you hate more snow storms? Or rainstorms? Proof 2
3. What is the world’s most incurable disease? A COLD! Proof 3
4. Where is life mostly uninhabitable? Antarctica! Proof 4
5. Which is heavier, a winter boot? Or a running shoe? Proof 5
6. Snowball’s Chance In Hell? Pretty damned good actually. Proof 6
7. Three Forces of Evil: (read the blog) Proof 7

Feel free to deny these observations to prove your inability to grasp reality.

1 comment:

John Ross Harvey said...

Read paragraph 3, in case you thought I'm the only sane person to think this way. The one author that is acclaimed as the definitive source of knowledge for hell: Dante, described the innermost circle of Hell as a frozen lake. Some cultures consider it cold, and most recently the book series Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Hades is not allowed to set foot on Olympus until Winter Solstice, gee I wonder why?