Friday, July 21, 2006

Aggressive Personality

By John Ross Harvey

Perhaps you work with these people
Someone who; requires very little aggravation
To make them explode with anger.
Our Department Manager
Has this real problem using Xcel for a timesheet
He never can get it to work.
The Accounting Manager can’t read small print
He asks us to tell him, (our Manager) to fix his time sheet
Because we all fear his reaction.
This same man will be parked in the parking lot
Where we have to double-park
And will call one of us to have the car behind moved
He doesn’t care what type of car it is
And wont get out to look for you
He expects you to do this work for him
The work he does do is beyond many of us
So we give him leeway on not doing much else.
Personally I think it’s the cigarettes that make him this way

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