Monday, July 17, 2006


By John Ross Harvey

What is a blog?
Well, it’s a Web-log without the We
The original blogs were diary style blurbs
About anything at all, by anyone that wrote them.
Sort of like this.
Mine is primarily devoted to Comedic writing
But on occasion I will cover a current event
Perhaps with some humour
I was encouraged to write one to get my comedy seen
There may be thousands like me
But I’m on DMOZ!
I may delve into a more SNL Weekend Update style
If I were inclined to read the headlines of the day.
That is what we performed in my Comedy Workshop
All classes, improve, sketch, stand-up and writing (mine),
Performed routines for the audience of peers and friends
The writing class did a Weekend Update format
With changing reporters
As this was summer of 2004 I chose sports headlines
The Lakers hired a new coach and Shaq was leaving.
In NASCAR a rookie messed up a win and had a contract dispute.
My Weekend Update lines were as follows:
“ The Lakers have hired Tomjanovich as Head coach;
Shaquille O’Neill will be traded because he can’t pronounce
“In NASCAR, Kasey Kahne lost to Tony Stewart and is being sued by
Ford for losing to a Chevy, while driving a Dodge!”
It may seem dated now, but that’s what happens to topical humour.
I prefer to make my humour timeless.
People will always drive badly, and I will always say why.
Tell it like it is, and was, and always will be.
Don’t just tell it like it is for the moment.
If we all drove properly, I’d have almost nothing to write.

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