Tuesday, September 05, 2006


By John Ross Harvey

When I worked in government
Work had priorities assigned
In the private sector
Where I have been for many years
Priorities are subject to interpretation
These will range from 0-10
In high to low priority respectively
My main boss is senior partner in the company
All requests by him are Priority 1
All VP requests are priority 1.5
All sub manager requests are priority 2
All sub sub manager requests are priority 3
All sub sub managers working for main boss are priority 1.25
All requests by president are 0.5
All requests by people that shouldn’t be requesting are priority 4
All requests from left field are priority 5
All requests from right wing are priority 6
All requests from dead centre are priority 5.5
All requests from the back 40 are priority 7
All requests from the straight and narrow are priority 8
All personal requests are priority 9
All ultra personal requests are priority 0

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