Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Curling - Canada's Real Sport

By John Ross Harvey

Most non-Canadians think Hockey is our national sport
Certain people feel Lacrosse is our national sport
That may be so
But Curling is our real sport
You can’t get body-checked in curling
There is ice, but no skates are needed
They do throw rocks at houses
But that’s not a bad thing
You can draw, or hit
You can even guard
But very much like horseshoes or golf
Closest to the pin, or in this case button,
Button wins!
No, that was the Hungarian F1 GP in 2006
In no other sport
Do you have a beverage with the opponent
And enjoy it
And in Curling, the winner buys.
So losing isn’t such a bad thing.
Headgear is not required
Unless you are a Contestant on the Amazing Race
But you can put on a helmet for fun
Where else can you meet between the sheets?

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