Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Common Sense

By John Ross Harvey

One would think that common sense
Would suggest certain things to people
Like how snow is not as see-through as glass for instance
Or that lights work when it’s not sunny outside
Or that brakes prevent you from hitting things
Or that signals indicate to others just what the hell you’re up to
And that left and right are not interchangeable directions
They are very much indeed the opposite of each other
Yet another minor snowfall occurs and all of the above
Goes out the window.
People without common sense continue to prove their stupidity
Driving snow covered vehicles they can’t see out of
Without lights on while its overcast and raining or snowing
Don’t bother to indicate direction changes, never mind do them properly
And always clog up an intersection to leave me without a doubt
Of their absolute stupidity.
90% of them are driving GREY CARS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blending into the landscape of grey roads under grey skies.

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