Tuesday, April 07, 2009


By John Ross Harvey

First off I’ll tell you the origin of Trademark
Smith Bros. Cough Drops
Brothers Trade and Mark Smith decided they needed a description
To identify their product as an original.
Hence using their own names, they created Trademark
A description used by a multitude of corporations worldwide.
All from 2 brothers in St. Armand Quebec.

But everybody has a trademark.
Something that identifies them as the original.
Michael Schumacher always said: “To be honest.”
Not that I ever thought he was, but that’s what he said.
My boss always says: “What’s your name?” Sometimes he actually says your name.
Another colleague of mine keeps saying, “At the end of the Day.”

Completely ridiculous, unintelligent egotists, claim authority on subjects they know nothing about and trademark their comments with “Full truth.”
Full of shit more likely.

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