Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My American Idol Song

By John Ross Harvey

Don’t give me a ballad
Don’t sing me a thank you
Don’t write something schmaltzy
Give me a rocking tune
Even if its country

I cannot take the endless Idol songs
All about you got me here
Thanks for making me great
I want to hear something meaty
Not something to make me puke my plate

Rockers want to rock on
Country singers want to get you dancing
If I hear another sappy ballad
I may resemble Charles Manson

We want to hear real songs
With real emotions
Not fake songs
With overplayed notions

Let me hear a Done somebody wrong song
Then I won’t have to pull out a gong

American Idol is very predictable
Half reason why I’m leading
In the Facebook game
Of predicting

Unless Kris wins tonight and
The point values change
I’ve already won
Just like Adam

Who cares if it rhymes? The point is made.

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