Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Networking with Twitter

In the old days a network was done by snail mail and telephone
Sometimes even the fax
Now most networking happens via electronic media
It could be standard email
Or it could be Myspace, Facebook, or Twitter
The latter is by far the quickest and most direct way
To network yourself
The more people you connect to
The more will connect back
Every connection helps your network
Just how or when is the only question
If in the case of Sarah Fisher @SarahFisher67
Trying to get Ellen @Theellenshow to the Indy 500
Using the @ellen2indy500 address
Twitter for some reason suspended @ellen2indy for
Likely overuse
However, I see no difference between this use
And David Letterman's multiple mentions of Oprah
To make her come on his show
Frankly I think @sarahfisher67 will get @ellen2indy
Because what could be more fun for @theellenshow than
Riding around the Indy at 190mph
Help @sarahfisher67 out
Tell @twitter to give @ellen2indy back
Tell @theellenshow that she should answer
She's not Danica, she owns her team, Danica only drives.
You'd be surprised how many Twitters are actually me

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