Thursday, April 21, 2011

Signals, More than just an inconvenience

Clearly the majority of motorists I see
Belong to a slect group of people not required
To tell you where they are going or what they are doing
Because a turn signal is SOOOOOOOOO HAAAAAAAARRRDDD to operate
To me, in my logical mind
No signal of a lane means no signal to the brain
And yes most that refuse, or can't be bothered to signal
Refuse to believe there is such a thing as left and right
Only a path their ignorant self is headed
Today in Montreal a vehicle in front of me in the left turn lane
Not signalling with a 2nd left turn lane to our right
Complete with 18 wheeler truck also headed left with a signal
turned left but drifted directly in front of the 18 wheeler
like it didn't exist or wasn't turning
It's a special kind of ignorance required to be this stupid
To be so ignorant to not even see other vehicles using the same road
And think you are entitled to lanes you don't deserve
That I cannot respect
Signals are not an inconvenience
They are the law
The law of Logic
People which confuse right and left do not understand law of Logic
Its too much work to think

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