Monday, February 20, 2006

Business Cards

Originally posted October 22, 2005 at

By John Ross Harvey

Everybody wants a status symbol
To many this is a car
To others it is a house
To many women it is expensive jewelry or furs
To many men it may be a name brand watch like Rolex
To all the Fast & Furious fans it’s a myriad of add-ons to their car
Like skirts, handles, wings, and Pink taillights
To me it’s Business Cards
Why you ask?
Several different companies have employed me
But not until this past July did I ever have a Business Card
And I don’t mean a generic one you write your name on
I mean one where your name is printed
8 years to earn a business card at this employer
And 10 years at 4 other business operations before that
18 years to earn a business card
I’ve owned a house for 5, and driven many cars for 23 years
I’ve had a fake Rolex before
But I’ve finally achieved the ultimate status
Business Cards

P.S. Now that we changed the phones, the phone number is wrong.

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