Thursday, February 16, 2006

Greatest Invention

Originally posted July 31, 2005 at

By John Ross Harvey

This may be cause for debate
But honestly what is the greatest invention?
The car gets you from A to B in comfort.
The home, gives you shelter in comfort.
The TV lets you relax in the home.
The radio lets you relax in the car.
In the summer heat none of that matters,
Without Air Conditioning.
Can you enjoy the radio in your car if you’re sweating bullets?
Can you enjoy the Tv if your back is glued to the couch by perspiration?
Relaxation in the summer requires air conditioning.
So arguably this is the best invention ever made.
Computer geeks will say the PC is the greatest.
Internet gurus will say the phone/cable networks are the greatest.
Teenage girls will insist on the telephone as the greatest
Real men will insist on the Barbeque as the greatest invention
After all, grilling is a wonderful thing, and it doesn’t require electricity.
Some will say electricity is the best invention, until the power goes out.
But back to the point
The best invention ever is the air conditioner.
If it didn’t exist we’d all suffer from heat exhaustion.
I guess that’s how we got hooked on alcohol.

P.S. after visiting Alexander Graham Bell Museum, he may have invented it, at least his version of air conditioning.

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