Wednesday, February 01, 2006

H.O.V. Lanes

originally posted Jan. 10 2006 at

By John Ross Harvey

What seemed like it could be a good idea
High Occupancy Vehicle (H.O.V.) Lanes
Were very poorly designed
In his infinite wisdom
Our Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty
Decided specific highway improvements
Which have not improved traffic
I’ll get back to H.O.V.’s but must first
Discuss Black Creek Drive from Hwy 400
While undergoing road repairs
The reduced lanes worked beautifully
Now that the extra lanes have returned
Traffic is at a standstill
Why you ask?
Blind corner escape lanes that aren’t required.
All these create are escape lane bandits
Rushing to jump ahead in the line
By driving in a lane that doesn’t exist
500m further down
There should be Zero Tolerance for these
Lost Lane Losers
Back to the topic at hand
H.O.V. lanes were recently installed
In the left hand lane of a few highways
How many exit ramps are on the left?????
Extremely few
Whose bright idea was it to make motorists
Using these lanes
To be forced to cut across 3 lanes of traffic
In order to exit the highway??????
Dalton McGuinty that’s who.
The man needs to listen to the public
Despite many letters about Black Creek
This man and his transportation ministry
Completely ignored the Logic
Necessary for that road to actually work
So when is the election?
Not soon enough.

For the record am accident was caused by cutting across from these lanes
on the Don Valley Parkway/404 this morning. Bad, bad, idea.

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