Thursday, February 23, 2006

Magnetic Field

Originally posted June 30, 1995 at

By John Ross Harvey

You all know about magnetism.
North poles, south poles, the earth is magnetic,
Compasses point North
Opposites attract, likes repell, the whole schpiel.
Love is usually equated to magnetism.
At a sub-atomic level this may be true, considering
Much of what we digest contains metal properties,
Iron, MAGNESIUM, etc. etc.
On the Tv show LOST, it’s been theorized that the island
Is overly magnetic, and may be in synch with brain waves
Hence creating whatever one thinks.
It was speculated when the compass was several degrees off of North.
I happen to have the same effect on compasses.
North points to me, at least in my left hand.
I have to wear watches on my belt, as my hand destroys them over time.
They lose seconds, minutes, and eventually hours, if I forget to check.
There’s a comic book of mutants called the X-men.
Perhaps you’ve seen the movies, the arch-villain is Magneto.
Magneto has harnessed magnetic powers that allow him to fly, and
Destroy anything slightly metallic, like gates, or cars.
I haven’t quite mastered this ability; I’m still working on a spoon.
Just feed me more steak and I’ll get there.

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