Tuesday, February 21, 2006


By John Ross Harvey

Vocabulary has many meanings
In this day and age
It can mean how frequent you swear
“That man has quite the Vocabulary.”
It could identify your intelligence
“My, what a splendid Vocabulary from that man!”
Or perhaps lack of it
“Such a limited Vocabulary that one has!”
But I’d like to know why
Torontonian drivers have a problem
With four simple words?
Apparently, the four hardest words in their Vocabulary.
Let’s do Intersections For Dummies:
If you can’t cross it, don’t block it; stop being a blockhead!
If you block an intersection, you’re brain does not function!
Green does not mean go,
It means Proceed if way is clear
If it’s not clear, you DO NOT PROCEED!
That’s a Vocabulary lesson
Has yours improved?

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