Sunday, February 05, 2006

Math the Universal Language

Originally posted Nov. 1 2005 at

By John Ross Harvey

Math it has often been said is the Universal language
All spoken languages treat Math the same
Even if it sounds different
Like 2+2=4 will always be that
It just may sound like deux plus deux egal quatre
But it’s not as Universal as you may think
Several countries notate thousands with commas
And decimals with points
As in 10,462.789
But in others they do it opposite to that
As is 10.462,789
These numbers are the same, but written differently
Neither is wrong
The Eastern Way or the Western Way
Or maybe it’s Southern vs. Northern
It’s WAR in the Math Realm!
That guy from the West doesn’t like commas for decimals
We of the East must defend our right to commas
He must die for being an infidel to proper Math
Greece, Egypt, Babylon, and Rome were East
They likely discovered Math
But Math is the Universal language
Apparently Not!
Maybe the Western World is Wrong
So that’s what WWW really means!

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