Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Originally posted Jan. 11 2006 at www.threeforcesofevil.typepad.com

By John Ross Harvey

You may have met someone that talks too much
That’s not what I mean by this
I mean someone that uses more words to describe things
Making them sound like their scanning a dictionary
To give an example
“May we have the drawings for the job?”
This is the short way.
“Could you please endeavor to facilitate the acquisition of documents pertaining to the project in question?”
That is the long way, an over talker.
“May I have fries with that?”
That is the short way.
“Would it be possible to include the deep fried potatoes with my meal?”
That is the over talker way.
“Could you fill’er up with Regular?”
“Would it be possible to obtain the regular octane and do indeed top up the fuel tank?”
Over talker
“Want to go out for drinks?”
“May it possible to accompany you in a quest for an establishment of spirits?”
Over talker
“Ha, ha, that’s funny!”
“My goodness; that indeed rupture my diaphragm, and tickle my funny bone!”
Over talker
“Steak, medium-rare please?”
“Would you be so kind as to endeavor to braze the exterior and allow for a full pink texture within allowing also for the juices to be plentiful?”
Over talker
“Eggs over easy, please?”
“Would you endeavor to allow for the soft yolk texture to remain within the lightly fried white of the egg?”
Over talker
If you’ve met someone like this, allow an extra 2 hours to talk to them.

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