Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Originally posted Dec. 18 2005 at www.threeforcesofevil.typepad.com

By John Ross Harvey

If you’ve read this blog a few times
You’ll know where its title comes from
Snow covered motorists
The Three Forces of Evil

Mobile Snowbanks
Defroster Dunces and the
Wipers Only Brigade

You should not drive a snowbank
Defroster Lines have limited vision
Wipers don’t clean your car
Snow on rooves annoy motorists behind
Snow on hoods (bonnets) annoy yourself
Due to continuous spray
Snow on windows and mirrors
Prevent visibility
Snow on wiper controls prevent
The ability to wash your windows
Snow on grilles prevent air from
Cooling your overheated engine
Snow on tires and wheel wells
Prevent good traction and accurate steering
Transport trucks, vans, and SUV’s
Must clean rooves
Giant chunks of icy snow from
Rooves of taller vehicles
Is Deadly
And it’s equally so on Cars too

So I ask the question
Do you drive this poorly?
If so, why?
Are you a snow dwelling life form?
With limited need for vision and safety
Or are you just an unsafe driver

The world will be a better place
If these snow dwellers cease to exist.

I have one word for them


Snow Not On Windows Brush Remainder Unbelievably Simple Huh?

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