Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Originally posted Dec. 10 2005 at www.threeforcesofevil.typepad.com

By John Ross Harvey

Escalators are essentially
Moving Stairs
Something normal stairs are
To Heelie wearers
Sometimes they are not stairs
And called Movators
Like at Airports, Loblaws, and Spadina subway
Not a Motivator
There are rules to these
If you stand, stay to the right
If you walk go on the left
So why do people stand on the left?
Do they not know that,
Arnold Schwarzenegger needs to
Catch that Alien intruder with his
Sub-Machine gun/blaster ray
I’d already be out of his way
On the right
They’d be his shield when the
Alien fires back
Should’ve learned the rules!

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