Thursday, April 13, 2006

Grocery Store Conveyor Etiquette

By John Ross Harvey

If there’s one thing that annoys me
It’s the lack of understanding of the simplest things
Like a grocery store conveyor belt
Or a department store even.
If something is on the conveyor it stops when it hits the end
Something like, I don’t know

A BAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do people insist on holding their two items in their arms
While you stand behind them waiting to put your stuff down
So it doesn’t hit the end before these people pay????????

Can you not just this once be lazy and put your stuff down?

If you have a ton of stuff on the belt
And I have a ton of stuff waiting for your ton of stuff


I’m quite tired of doing other people’s work
Just so I can put my stuff down.

And last but not least
Never leave your kids to do this job
They are scared by the conveyor belt and
Because they wont put anything down
It zips along at 120km/h until someone
Probably Me
Puts a BAR or something on it.

Life just isn’t that difficult.

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