Monday, May 08, 2006


By John Ross Harvey

Respect for people
Respect for the law
Ignorance of the law is no excuse
Learn to read
I was accosted the other day
Because I pointed out to a woman
Read the sign that says “NO PARKING FIRE ROUTE”
“TOW AWAY ZONE – FINE $750.00”
And she said to me
Obviously not
Her lack of respect for the law is only
Equaled by her lack of intelligence
And complete disrespect of human safety
If a fire started 1 minute after she parked
She’d be in the way
Fire Trucks will push you out of the way
Make no mistake
You’re life is not worth more
Than everyone else’s
Stop being Ignorant
Wake up to reality
Breaking the law will only come back to bite you
It’s never worth it
Now where did I put my Exacto blade??????
You’ll have a fun time explaining four flats
In a fire zone to the cops, fire dept., and the tow truck.
If only I were that way inclined.

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