Tuesday, May 09, 2006


By John Ross Harvey

This was probably a get rich quick scheme
For the government
Disguised as an Environmental agenda
Though the premise of reduced Emissions is good
It’s $35-40 out of your pocket pass or fail
And up to $250 if you did fail
I doubt any classic show cars from the 60’s and before
Are capable of ever passing these tests
Yet they are on the road sometimes
Are they excluded?
Are the owners driving them illegally?
Or did their emissions criteria allow for their pollution?
I ask this as I just completed a test
On my 5 year old car
As I must renew my license and my plates
And I need that passing grade before I can renew
And I did pass thankfully
But where is my money going?
Dalton McGuinty’s back patio?
Driver Education on reading road signs?
Or is it just sitting in a bank waiting
For a government employee to withdraw it?
That’s what I want to know
Where do you think it went?

1 comment:

LL66 said...

it`s in the same place as the gun law,,,infact..probably they are co-funding each other..lol !!!