Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Age Matters

By John Ross Harvey

There are many things in life that are age restricted
After having taken a racing course in Mt Tremblant at age 23
I began saving to take a course in France called Winfield
Their age limit was 27
My plan was to save up for 3 years and go at 26
When I turned 26, I was laid off
And Winfield school reduced its age limit to 25
So not only couldn’t I afford it, I was now too old.
As I watched Discovery Channel the other night
There was a commercial for Starracer
A reality show looking for race drivers in Canada
Well I wrote down the email and expressed my desire
To be the next great Canadian racer
They responded with a link to the entry form
Which had all the rules and eligibility
Age 16-30
Yet again denied solely on the basis of my age.
I’m not 40 at heart
I’m much more like 16.
16 with 24 years experience.
So if you are a race team looking for an experienced
Driver complete with a race driver certificate
That has a spiffy Canadian themed helmet
And Age doesn’t matter
I’m your man!
At least the Indy 500 doesn’t discriminate
Anyone with the funds to show up
Can race there, after taking Indy Rookie School
Now all I really need is someone willing
To spend money, so I can do that.
As all other potential race opportunities in my life
Discriminated my age.

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