Tuesday, June 13, 2006


By John Ross Harvey

Remember being in school
And thinking when will I ever use math?
Did you fail?
I see many drivers that must have.
At least the math known as Geometry
Because, they block intersections
So they obviously don’t know the size
Or the shape of their vehicle
In order to comprehend the mathematics
That suggest their vehicle will not fit!
It must be a sad life to think your SUV
Can fit in a 2” space
You’d have to be pretty bad at Math to think that
I was always good at math
I don’t block intersections because
I know the size of my car
And I can determine whether the time allows
Me the ability to cross before the light changes
And in the city of Toronto, it usually doesn’t
Because the intersection is already full
Of people that failed Geometry
Just go to Keele/Tretheway intersection
In morning rush hour to see many of them
In Woodbridge they are at Hawkview/Weston intersection
Right downtown they are at every Lakeshore intersection
Your vehicle has a shape, which is large
The white line you cannot cross yet is thin and flat
Big large shapes do not fit on thin flat lines
Its simple math
Anyone with a brain could figure it out

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