Thursday, June 08, 2006

Rarely Watched TV

By John Ross Harvey

Why is it that when an old TV show comes on
That you rarely ever watched when it was current
Only ever plays the episode that you remember vividly.
I was in a waiting room and Becker was on.
I liked Becker, but he went to time-slot oblivion
The one episode I vividly remember
Was where his Condo’s super died knocking on his wall
He thought it was his neighbour so he ignored it.
Then his annoying diner pal got the Job of super.
His receptionist fell in love with some boxes in the mail
And the diner was frequented only for the bathroom
Except for Becker and the diner regulars.
I also caught an episode of Rosanne
A show I almost never watched
And the one show I remember
Where Dan and Rosanne scare each other for pranks
Was of course the episode that was on.

Or if it was shows you actually did watch before
It would be the episode you remember best

If I were to flip the channel and find WKRP in Cincinnati
It would probably be the Bomb scare and the Phone Cops
Where Johnny and Venus air from the transmitter
Where the bomb was in the toolbox
If it were a Barney Miller episode
(Best TV Guitar Riff ever)
It would probably be Clayton telling a psychic reader
He was born in a Galaxy far far away
And the psychic read that he was telling the truth
And later telling the guys, it was really a plane over Cleveland.
If it was a Columbo episode
He’d be saying “Just one more thing, Sir.”

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