Thursday, June 01, 2006

Road Signs Volume II

originally posted at July 2005

By John Ross Harvey

You’ve seen the signs. This Lane Ends.
Doesn’t seem to get the point across.
Driver’s attitude is: So what?
It needs to be improved upon.
Merge Now or Be Stranded Forever!
No Time, No Lane, Too Late!
This Lane Is Not For Passing!
Don’t Push You’re Luck!
Horns Won’t Help You!
Then there is the Most Ignored Sign Ever: STOP!
People in my survey think it spells FOLLOW!
Other think it spells PASS THE PARKED CAR!
It needs work, people are ignoring it.
If you Don’t, A Child May Die!
Four Letters, Too Much to Read?
Red Octagon, Any Idiot Knows This.
T-boned if you Don’t!
Is it worth a Life?
Save a Life, Your Own.
You vs. The Train. Guess who wins?
Then my Favourite Sign of Ignorance: Do Not Block Intersection
Not hard to understand is it?
Lights change and You’re a Dead Duck!
Don’t Fit, Don’t Go!
Green Does Not Mean Go All the Time!
If Way Isn’t Clear Do Not Proceed!
There’s a Reason Your Fender is Busted!
You or the Transport Truck? Guess who wins?
Ever Heard of Yield?
Eyeballs are Useful!
Brains Should be Engaged!
You’re Cellphone has Fried your Brain!
If it’s Red You May be Dead!

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