Thursday, July 27, 2006

Time Machine

By John Ross Harvey

If you’re a book reader, this isn’t a new thing
Not only do books take you backwards or forwards in time
They often talk about devices that do so.
Fantasy or Science Fiction, really doesn’t matter.
Hermione in Harry Potter has a time machine in her watch.
In comics the Fantastic Four and Dr. Doom make regular travels
Using a time machine
Star Trek has used planetary catapulting to travel in time
In a Spider Robinson book Callahan’s Cross Time Saloon
A time traveler is someone that hasn’t experienced time
While being locked in prison, it can be a shock to any system
If they actually stay those 25 years.
Naturally there is one thing that anyone would change
Pandora’s box or Paradox whatever it’s called
When you mess with the past, will make the idea bad in a hurry.
There’s a guy in the news recently claiming to have such a device
Have your recollections changed?
Perhaps not.
But what if you went back in time to do something
And because you did it, the time machine no longer existed
What would you do?
I figure this is what would happen if I were able to
Prevent the creation of money.
Why would I do this?
Simple really, though we rely on it to live
All it really does it create poverty, and overly rich people with power.
Us normal folk in the lower end of the scale don’t much factor in.
Eliminating money, means everything you do is for
The pleasure of doing it, not the bills at each end of the month.
Quite frankly it’s the simplest answer to World Peace
Those that fight wars, are usually oppressed
By those with more Power, aka more Money.
If I were to succeed in this, and I have no idea where to begin,
It might just remove George W. Bush from power
That can’t be a bad thing.

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