Wednesday, August 23, 2006


By John Ross Harvey

Beef is an Acronym for itself
Beef Extremely Excellent Food
Beef makes Money
Fast Food Restaurants love Beef
10 Billion Burgers and Counting
Fancier Restaurants love Beef
Nothing better than a Prime Rib
Or a Juicy Steak
Mad Cow Disease changes this
In 1996 on my tour of Britain
We ate lots of Chicken
Because British Beef was under a Mad Cow Ban
We immediately went to McDonalds in Ireland
Every time a Cow is found to have Mad Cow
All Beef production is banned from Export
Whether the Cow got Mad Cow in Canada or NOT
As was the case of the Cow found in the USA
But it was born in Alberta
So it must have been born with Mad Cow
That’s USA logic for you
It’s sick so it was born that way
Not it’s sick here, so we have a problem
No we bought it from Canada so it’s their problem
I’d much rather eat Beef from Canada than the USA
At least we know when Mad Cow happens
As opposed to claiming where it happens
Alberta Beef
Nothing Better
It never entered the Food Chain
Apparently that fact went over their heads
So some Beef producers are selling Burgers
At their own restaurant
Because American ones can’t do Logic
Do Canadians a favour
Buy Beef and eat it too!

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