Thursday, August 24, 2006


By John Ross Harvey

I’m not pretending to be Jeff Foxworthy
I love his Redneck stuff
And his other stuff
Just bought Blue Collar Boys last DVD
But there is a perception that all Rednecks
Live in the Southern US of A
There is a perception that all Rednecks
No, but a few drive NASCAR
There was a Welsh-Canadian guy
Formerly of Air Farce before he passed away
That did Mike… from Canmooooooooore
That’s in Alberta
That was a Canadian Redneck
Red Green is a Canadian Redneck
He has more uses for Duct Tape than MacGuyver
Now that Juan Pablo Montoya will drive NASCAR
He becomes a Columbian Redneck
If Jacques Villeneuve joins him
He’ll become a French-Canadian Redneck that lives in Monaco
Christian Fittipaldi became a Brazilian Redneck and
Adrian Fernandez became a Mexican Redneck
When they joined NASCAR
The Ballad of Ricky Bobby is another Redneck
That also drives NASCAR
Paul Tracy didn’t have to drive NASCAR to become a Redneck
He lives in Arizona
His neck is always Red
He also has a title fight every race he hits somebody
That happens a lot
There is no rule for where you have to be to be a Redneck
NASCAR just helps bring out the inner Redneck
I’m going to go watch some F1.

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