Friday, August 25, 2006


By John Ross Harvey

The Astronomical Society has officially
Demoted Pluto from a Planet to a Dwarf
It was already in a different orbital plane
From the other planets
So now it’s not a planet
Will Disney change the name of the dog
From Pluto to Dwarf Pluto?
What about the moons of larger planets
The Gas Giants of Jupiter and Saturn
Have moons bigger than Earth and Mars
Do they now get upgraded to Planet status
Because Pluto is a Dwarf?
Will Mercury be demoted?
What does it take to keep your status as a planet?
An I.D. card?
Your orbit is off-kilter; you can’t be a planet anymore!
At least Pluto is having fun
Not spinning endlessly on the same path
Pluto deserves respect
Tell those Astronomers that you believe in Pluto
The Happy Planet!

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