Sunday, August 27, 2006


By John Ross Harvey

To most of the world previous to the year 1992 AD
Architecture meant one thing
Offices, Malls, Towers, Houses, etc.
After this time
Computer Networks have labeled themselves
As System Architecture
And Hiring System Architects
When you are an unemployed draftsman
And the only Architecture listed in the Classifieds
Is Computer system networks
You tend to get a little ANGRY!!!!!!!
Architecture also has controversy
The title of World’s Tallest Building is a major contention
Canadians agree that the CN Tower is
And rightfully so at 1,816ft it is.
Americans claim that Sears has been since 1974 at 1,736ft
Or 1,450 ft without the antenna
Because their claim is that a Structure is not a Building
And that CN is a Structure and an Antenna
But Sears is allowed to include their antenna
Or discount CN as a structure
It’s really just a loser’s way to cheat
Not including antennas
Petronas towers 1 and 2 are 1,483 ft
And Taipei 101 is 1,473 ft.

A breakdown to denounce CN as a building is as follows according to

Title Building Location Height
Tallest building to the structural or architectural top. Taipei 101 Taipei 1,671 ft (509m)
Tallest building to the highest occupied floor. Taipei 101 Taipei 1,437 ft (438m)
Tallest building to the top of the roof. Taipei 101 Taipei 1,473 ft (449m)
Tallest building to the top of antenna. Sears Tower Chicago 1,736 ft (529m)
Tallest Structure KTHI TV-Tower Fargo (ND) 2,063 ft (629m)
Tallest free standing structure Petronius Platform Petronius field 2,000 ft (606m)
Tallest free standing structure on land CN Tower Toronto 1,816 ft (554m)

Define a building then
Can you live, work, eat and sleep in it?
By that definition you are limited to Condos and residences
Can you walk on floors in it?
By that definition CN is a building
Agreed a TV tower is an antenna structure
CN does have one within it
So do all the other buildings laying claim to its title
The oil platform is mostly below water, so discount it for now.
If Fargo wants to call its antenna a building
Many would disagree with that
Eiffel Tower was a structure also, but you can walk in it
It has floors and held the World’s Tallest Building title for many years.
Suddenly as Sears was beaten by CN in a matter of months
The definition suddenly changed to allow Sears to hold the title
Visit the CN Tower homepage and you will find very differently
That it has been recognized since 1996, though in reality it was 1975.

People have a real difficulty losing to Canada
That’s why many race fans hate Jacques Villeneuve
Even though they adore his late father.
If Canada wins, the competition aim to change the rules
That is why many illogical minded associations and the like
Still to this day claim that CN tower is not a building.
Like the above chart, ridiculous beyond words.
Face it, reality sucks, unless you win.
You lost to Canada; deal with it.

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