Monday, August 28, 2006

Good For You

By John Ross Harvey

When I was young
My parents told me to eat my vegetables
They were good for me
Well, I agreed on carrots and corn
But nothing else
I have added squash and broccoli over my lifetime
Green beans are only edible hot
Peas are never happening.
Today what’s good for you has changed
Stuff I never heard of before
Is now what advertisers say is good.
Pro-biotic culture
Say what?
Omega-3 sounds like a space super hero
Pro-biotic culture sounds like
A say yes to robots consortium
What did they call this when we were young?
Omega-3 is apparently fish oil
Cod liver perhaps
But what is a pro-biotic culture?
Found in yoghurt of all things
Programmed Bionic Tics?
I’m not eating that!

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