Tuesday, August 08, 2006


By John Ross Harvey

I’ve recently come across some items
That had I been in a position to do
Would have netted me some serious cash

Highway billboards
Facing two highways can net $100000/month
Pretty serious coin
Can I add one to my house’s roof? I shall investigate

Urinal pucks
Pretty much work until the urinal is used
How fresh to you think the air is
While they are being urinated upon
People buy these things
They cannot possibly be effective
Quick money for useless product

Taxi companies have rolling advertisements on their hubcaps
I have tried to convince some beer companies to use my wheels
But they declined my offer to advertise
I suppose there are more taxis than there are me
Shame really, as I’m much better at driving
I’d love to get some of that cash
Perhaps I need to clone myself

Selling phone service for less money than Bell
Just signed up for Rogers phone
The sales guy said it was the easiest pitch of his life
Same service, less money
He gets paid to sign us up, very well
Too bad I hate sales

What do you think is a quick money scheme?

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