Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Me Society

By John Ross Harvey

Today’s society is becoming very annoying
Everyone else thinks everything else is theirs
And theirs alone
My wife took our two kids, and one friend to the pool
The friend has Red Cross level 8, at age 9
For a 2-hour public swim, they paid to get in
A gatekeeper checked hand stamps, (never had gatekeeper before)
They swam in the shallow pool for about 1 1/2hrs
A lifeguard asks why my wife has three kids
“You can’t have three kids.”
There’s 20 minutes left
“This boy has level 8 Red Cross, he’s fine.”
“He needs to do two laps of the pool for me.”
Not exactly a public relations master
Also that same day
My son and his friend were using Diving rings
Another boy took them
And had his mother claim my son took them from him
Well my wife didn’t let that slide
Informed her that the rings (toys) are public not her son’s
Then she claimed my wife had attitude
If your child can manipulate you to do their dirty work
You are a bad parent
Regularly at this pool there are lockers, which require
Inserting a quarter to take the key
Many of these lockers are keyless, with lock engaged
In order to prevent door closure
As some people think that a PUBLIC locker
Is their PRIVATE property
The gatekeepers need to be checking for keys
Not hand stamps
And if a lifeguard can’t do their job for ¾ of their time
How did they become a lifeguard?

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