Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Three R's

By John Ross Harvey

The three R’s have never been Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic
Because that’s an R, W, and an A
The three R’s of today are Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Since everything costs more, and my salary has not improved
Reduce is how one must survive
Reuse depends on the product, but Popcorn buckets from
The Cinemas are very handy
Recycle, plastic, cans, newspaper, cardboard
I do try to put all of this out
My daughter is more into the Reuse portion
Any recyclable product not sent to the bin
Will be reused by my daughter and turned into
Some kind of toy house for any of her toys
And left all over the house
If I ask if I can throw it out in the recycling
I get the sad face with puppy dog eyes
So I have to sneak it out when she’s not looking
Invariably she’ll create these the day before
Recycling gets picked up
And I have to wait for a week
When I was young we just read the boxes
That’s also an R

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