Thursday, August 17, 2006

Exercise in Futility

By John Ross Harvey

Today we were being photographed for a company booklet
Or some such thing
Our Manager had us meet for the photographer
Who was late
And the photographer would not shoot
Until the Marketing guy was there
Since there are about 10 of really busy
We left after this point
We can’t wait around for some guy to show up
We have work to do
The marketing guy wanted to have our picture
In front of the Cappuccino machine
Granted as a draftsman many of them need the caffeine
But that is not our work environment
We took our picture at our reference/drawing table
Holding “props”
I held tracing paper, but was not allowed to move my arm
To my back
This was an exercise in futility
We work in front of a computer screen like everyone else
These photos will look staged
Because they are
Next we’ll be holding Blueprints!

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