Thursday, September 14, 2006


By John Ross Harvey

Greatness is usually associated with someone in sports
Or perhaps a singer, or an actor of good repute.
Generally the news media will make it a top story.
Andre Agassi, by no means Tennis’ greatest
Had front-page coverage of his retirement.
Damon Allen just became the most successful
Quarterback in North America, and got the front-page.
He hasn’t retired.
Michael Schumacher announced his retirement.
Many argue he is the greatest race driver ever.
Many argue against this opinion, like myself.
Toronto Star, caption on Sports front-page,
Story on page 2 of Sports.
Globe and Mail, briefly acknowledged in
Racing column on page 3 of Sports
Perhaps having a large number of his wins
Handed to him by his teammates
Make him a less respected sports figure.
I would agree with that.
Jacques Villeneuve said that he would
Not be remembered.
I don’t think he’s far wrong.
Page 1 of Sports was Canadian Open coverage
It wasn’t even Tiger Woods
Probably the only sports figure making more
Money than Michael Schumacher
The least sportsmanlike driver
In the history of motorsport.
Maybe now I can cheer for Ferrari
I have not since 1996
Well briefly cheered for Eddie in 1999
But as a rule, have not rooted
For Ferrari since he’s been there
And I live in Canada’s Ferrari fan capital
I will be cheering his departure
Regardless of a championship being handed over.

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