Thursday, September 28, 2006

Spot the Moron

By John Ross Harvey

The light is green; the traffic beyond the intersection is stopped
The moron is the one entering the intersection
It’s raining, and you’re driving
The moron is the one without headlights
It’s snowing, and you’re driving
The moron is the one driving a snowbank
The light turns red
The moron is the one three cars back that thinks he can make it!
The lane is ending
The moron is the one still in that lane
The sirens are blaring
The moron is the guy that doesn’t pull over, or turns in front
You live in a very large apartment building, and somebody honks
Guess who’s the moron
You’re driving and the guy in front of you has a brake light on
It goes out when he brakes
You guessed it, another moron
It’s a two-lane road, traffic, and parking
A few ungeniuses think the space between parked cars is for passing
No doubt about it, more morons.
The store has a big sign at the door:” No parking - Fire lane”
The one that parks there is the moron
How much will you bet they drive a grey car?
But what does moron stand for?
Mostly Obnoxious Reject Or Nobody

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